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Company Overview

Here at Refmet Metal Technololgies Pvt. Ltd. (RMT), we believe in innovation being the key to a sustainable future. With years of R&D backed by industry research and experience, our researchers led by the CEO, Arnab Roy,have successfully developed a home-grown technology that would be the key to commercial success in a futuristic sustainable world.

Through our proprietary 'Zero-waste' hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgical processes, RMT processes off grade metal concentrates and toxic waste, otherwise headed for landfilling, into high value metals and products which are used in manufacturing of new generation batteries used in electric vehicles and energy storage space as well as in Iron and Stell Industries.

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Our Products

NOTE: Our products can be made subject to specifications.

Management Team

In the early days of his career, Mr. Roy worked in various capacities at TATA Group including Project and Corporate Planning cells. A marketer, innovator and international entrepreneur, Mr. Roy, over the years, has successfully promoted several ventures in various sectors including education, import-export, software development and metal reclamation.

With his immense technological experience and knowhow, he developed a unique 'Zero Waste' technology that provides green solutions to all major oil refineries and hydrocarbon industries for the disposal of their spent catalysts. The unique proprietary technology, one of its kind, recovers a diverse range of Noble metalslike Vanadium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Nickel, Cobalt etc. from wastes (Spent / used Catalyst) generated from Petroleum Industry.


Arnab Roy


Overview, Sustainability, Stewards of the Environment



We strive to be the environmental leaders in metal reclamation and recycling waste providing a comprehensive and environmentally safe solution for processing of metal containing waste, residues and catalysts from power plants and refineries.



RMT is committed to attaining the highest standard of environmental conduct at its manufacturing facilities and producing product that help its customers to reduce negative environmental impact.

Stewards of the Environment

Stewards of the Environment

We recognise and acknowledge our responsibility towards our community and consider ourselves as stewards of the environment, as it is the most critical shareholder.

Code of Conduct

RMT performs all activities with utmost integrityand we expect the same of our suppliers and customers alike. Our customers should be committed to ethical, lawful, and fair practices complying to all applicable legalities and regulations in their business relationship with RMT.

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