We strive to be the environmental leaders in metal reclamation and recycling waste providing a comprehensive and environmentally safe solution for processing of metal containing waste, residues and catalysts from power plants and refineries.

Our Zero Waste technology ensures that while we are cleaning up the Earth, we leave minimal carbon footprint and extract the maximum value from our input. The pure/high grade metal compounds produced by us for reuse ensures the reduction of mining for virgin metal production and at the same time save the earth by avoiding disposal of these toxic wastes.

Our R&D is also focused on developing technologies to recycle new generation batteries that use our products at the end of their life cycle, further reducing the environmental impact.


RMT is committed to attaining the highest standard of environmental conduct at its manufacturing facilities and producing product that help its customers to reduce negative environmental impact.

We have a two-fold sustainable approach. Our first approach is recycling output from varied industries which will play a vital role in addressing the current environmental challenges like waste reduction, pollution eradication, and climate change. Our second approach is limiting the environmental footprint with our 'Zero Waste' manufacturing operation.

Stewards of the Environment

We recognise and acknowledge our responsibility towards our community and consider ourselves as stewards of the environment, as it is the most critical shareholder. With this mission in mind, we have carefully designed our technology that boast of innovative ways to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

We recycle hazardous waste, secondary raw material, scraps to produce high value metals. In the process of recycling this waste, we prevent tonnes of toxic material to be landfilled every year.

Recycling is the very grain of our agenda and towards this end, we recycle 100% of the water used in the process through ETPs to be reused in our production process.