About Us

Company Overview

Here at Refmet Metal Technololgies Pvt. Ltd. (RMT), we believe in innovation being the key to a sustainable future. With years of R&D backed by industry research and experience, our researchers led by the CEO, Arnab Roy, have successfully developed a home-grown technology that would be the key to commercial success in a futuristic sustainable world.

Through our proprietary 'Zero-waste' hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgical processes, RMT processes off grade metal concentrates and toxic waste, otherwise headed for landfilling, into high value metals and products which are used in manufacturing of new generation batteries used in electric vehicles and energy storage space as well as in Iron and Stell Industries.

Through this environmentally beneficial conversion of waste into valuable products, RMT provides an important solution and risk mitigation for its refinery partners. RMT believes in endorsing and promoting innovative business ideas across the world. We back visions of innovation and sustainability along with reaching magical numbers for our business and investors, because we firmly believe that one cannot exist without the other in the modern world.

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to process a vast variety of raw materials, extracting valuable products out of every constituent of the input material and generating NO FURTHER WASTE in the process.